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Latest update released 23 March, 2021 (15:49)

Latest app version: MordoOnlineLauncherSetup- (or .zip version)

Recommended application installation path: C:\Games\Mordo-Online\

Possible solution to problems
1. Access denied

To update, the Mordo-Online application needs to run as Administrator.

2. Server connection error

The application cannot connect to the update server, perhaps you have an old version of the application installed, download and run clean.bat, the cmd panel will open for one second, then download the latest version of the application from the link from the website header, and install.

3. Input string was not formatted correctly or Category does not exist

Open START > Run cmd terminal "as administrator", a console window will open, it is important that the path is displayed there: C:\WINDOWS\system32>
If a different path is indicated there, then you run NOT as administrator, There you need to enter the command "lodctr /R" (without quotes). The performance will be calculated for some time. Upon completion, you will receive a success notification.

4. Game.exe - System error

If you get one of these errors:

Your computer is missing:
–†Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. After downloading, restart your computer and try again.